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  Experimental Theatre alive today !

 - Peter Brook 80th birthday and his new production at the Barbican

 - Antero Alli's  'a ParaTheatre Manifesto'

Yes !  experimental theatre  worldwide is alive and well. It is bubbling with new ideas and experimental  works. Experimental Theatre.Org is here to record, document, and to spread the word.

Under ' Experimental works'  section: we introduce  Antero Alli's  ParaTheatre research, and you will be able to read the full version of The ' a ParaTheatre Manifesto'.

We devoted the 'Profile' section in this issue: for Peter Brook to celebrate  his 80th  birthday and his latest production  ' The Grand Inquisitor' ,  we will take you to the Theatre Museum to see the original set design of Peter Brook's production of 'Marat / Sade .

In the ' Theatre Festivals' section : you will find the latest information about all the experimental / fringe festivals worldwide, so you can plan early which one you will attend.

Under the 'Theatre Companies'  section:  we listed  more than 100 experimental / fringe companies and groups  worldwide you can communicate with to exchange ideas and experiences.

Enjoy your stay in our ‘Reading Room’: where you will read about theatre, theatrical arts, experimental and fringe theatre, review the latest books about stage, theatre and arts, and opinions of artists about what is going in theatre worldwide today.


Watch for the future updates of  ETO ' Experimental Theatre .Org' ; we have great surprises in the coming weeks ; keep your feedback coming in, tell us about your work , your comments about any aspects of the experimental theatre  , we need to know more about your journey so we can share it with all the other artists round the world .

We leave you with a quote from Peter Brook ...

'Everything is possible but you must find your own way. So, if you look at my work and think, 'Ah there is an example, I will start by what he's done', you are bound to go wrong. Because the work that I do today is the result of all the work that I've done through trial and error, in changing times. '

Peter Brook





“It is the journey, that produces the results, and the results are never the end of the journey. The results are nothing but ashes of a past journey, and the mark for the beginning of the next one “

M A Haridy

 So, experimental theatre story through the centuries. It is the story of many journeys , of many creative artists, who created the theatrical arts as we know it today. The ashes of all these journeys through the centuries are what created the gigantic mountain of the theatrical arts as we know it today.

The gratitude we owe to these artists is beyond any comprehension. Experimental Theatre . Org is nothing but a communication forum to magnify that, and to tell the story of every each creative artist - or a group of artists - contributed  , enriched , and expanded our understanding of the theatrical arts .

They work in silence and persist in their journeys to ad to our  knowledge of the theatrical arts without asking for any rewards. For them Experimental Theatre . Org exists.

 The Editor



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