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With millions of web sites in cyberspace to find the real informative web sites about any subject is a daunting task . Here we list for you the best of the best of web sites about theatre, arts, books. Each web site we listed  had been checked and examined by two of our editors to ensure that it is informative , unbiased , and worth putting in our 'Best Web Links'.


bullet To discover a web site on internet, one of the most kept secrets , is exciting. SWANS is a great web site, it is as its editors  say ' endeavors to bring food for thought to the readers and to provide a quality literary and political site on the Web' . We love to show you parts of their site here, but they are very protective of their material , they stated clearly 'Inlining, mirroring, and framing of any SWANS' pages or graphics are expressly prohibited'. We advise you to go there , we are sure that you will enjoy it as much as we did. By the way  Charles Marowitz  has excellent selection of his writings published there , written especially for Swans !.


bullet theatreVOICE  - was set up in 2003 to provide an online, audio-driven forum for lively and incisive debate about theatre in London and beyond. The hope was to see if theatre could be talked about in a new way: critics could be more expansive than the usual space constraints of the print media allowed; actors, writers, directors and designers could be heard talking in detail and at length about their work; and members of the public could give their feedback directly to those who often can make or break a show, and generally get closer to the theatre world. The Theatre Museum, which provided technical assistance and a place for recording from the site is inception, assumed management responsibilities for the site over the summer of 2005, in order to help ensure that Theatrevoice is growing archive of material could be preserved for posterity .







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