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Peter Brook and his NOT empty space !

No one can say that what peter brook created in the last fifty years is an empty space !. You can agree or disagree with the results of his experimental works, but you have to accept the simple fact that peter brook's works represent one of the most important experimental work done in the theatre in the last fifty years. He is a symbol in the mind of many  experimental theatre artists , and his ability to link the experimental theatre to the popular commercial  theatre, with  experimental productions that became commercially successful, like 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'Marat Sade' ,  made him the envy of any artist working in the experimental theatre in the last fifty years.

Peter Brook place in the history of theatre is not, and will not be an empty space . It is full of great achievements that enriched the theatre in the last fifty years.

let us celebrate the 80th birthday of a great artist  by knowing more about him and his work .  From us here  at ' Experimental Theatre .Org' to you Peter Brook, we shout 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brooky' and happy many returns.



bulletWe will start with one of the most unusual lecture Peter Brook had given , it is one of the most entertaining too, you will enjoy every part of that talk , especially when he describes his experience during watching 'Oedipus' performance at a crossroad near the village of 'Ife' in Nigeria , Africa. Click here.
bullet'Peter Brook at Eighty' , a commentary by Charles Marowitz, published by' Swans. COM'. Click here.
bullet'Peter Brook and Traditional Thought'  , by Basarab Nicolescu , read it slowly. It will open your eyes to a new depth in Peter Brook' works. Click here.
bullet'Exercises from Peter Brook to be used in rehearsals' as discussed in Jones, David, Great Directors at Work.  Berkeley, UC Press, 1986. Click here.
bullet'Peter Brook and The Mahabharata' a paper by Craig S Strobel . Click here.
bulletPeter Brook interviewed by Fanyia Williams for Director Guild of Great Britain . Click here.
bulletPeter Brook Short Biography . Click here.
bullet'Candid Camera' a review by James Moore. Click here.
bulletBooks by Peter Brook . Click here.





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