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bullet The Independent Eye - The Independent Eye is a progressive arts ensemble based on Northern California, now in its 30th season. Artistic directors are Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller.They focus very strongly on narrative story, the old traditional questions of human choice, but seek to make the storytelling style & dramaturgy - whether realism, puppetry, shadow, audio, collage, cabaret sketch - absolutely organic to the story being told.


bulletComplicite  - Complicite is more than a theatre company: it is a state of mind. When each collaborative adventure into the unknown starts off, anything is possible. The result is an astonishingly broad and continually evolving spectrum of work. It is built on what Artistic Director Simon McBurney calls a series of extraordinary and intricate collisions: collisions between actors who use materials from their own lives; collisions with music from anywhere in the world; collisions with writers like John Berger, Eugene Ionesco or Bruno Schulz.


bullet Pig Iron Theatre - The mission of Pig Iron Theatre Company is to create performance works which test and break the boundaries of dance, clown, puppetry, music, and text; to experiment with form while staying accessible; to develop a physical, theatrical performance technique that draws from many performance traditions; to re-imagine "classics' with both irreverence and a desire to make them relevant; and to reach out to new audiences by redefining theatre as an interdisciplinary art form; to form and maintain an international ensemble of theatre artists that are flexible and forward-thinking; and to pose the difficult questions of our difficult times. Aritistic Directors are Gabriel Quinn Bauriedel , Dito Van Reigersberg, and Dan Rothenberg.


bullet ParaTheatre  - or really the paratheatre research company ,  for to the development of a paratheatre medium with its own principles and techniques of physical theatre, dance, standing Zazen, vocal creations and song, and as its Artistic Director Antero Alli says 'It should be known that when I say "we", no established theatre company exists. We are more like a rotating skeleton crew of highly committed, autonomous individuals -- rebels with a cause -- who come and go according to our own needs to work together and part ways until the next ritual lab, theatre or film project magnetizes its unique group animal.


bullet Rogue Artists Ensemble - Rogue Artists Ensemble creates innovative theatre without boundaries. Using hyper-theatrical, multicultural storytelling techniques to share the wonders and magic of live theater with a diverse American audience. They are dedicated to preserving theater as a viable contemporary American art form.


bullet Asteroid B612 - Asteroid B612 Theatre Company is an assembly formed to vent untold stories and to reinvigorate the known stories. A collection of individuals who seek creation, play, and knowledge in the material and still believe that theatre, the oldest art form can touch audiences in a singular way. AsteroidB612 will not have season's, it will operate more like a rock band than a theatre company in terms of schedule. Announcements will be made gig to gig and we will release, re-release our works on our own timetable which will be based on our internal inspiration and not public expectation.


bullet Hotel Pro Forma    - Hotel Pro Forma displaces the notion of theatre into new territories that lie between art and non-art, theatre and non-theatre, between the physical and the metaphysical expression. Performances occupy a space between construction and sensation, consciousness and intuition, concrete and abstract. Hotel Pro Forma moves across the genres of theatre, opera, visual arts and concert. Every production is a new experiment and contains a double staging: partly of its contents and the space, and partly of the notion of theatre itself.


bullet The 24 Hour Plays - Since its inception in 1995, The 24 Hour Plays have produced over 300 new short plays in this manner with countless performers, writers, directors, technicians in front of thousands of amazed audience members. The 24 Hour Plays process is a remarkable experience for all involved and no one leaves the theater without an indescribable feeling of accomplishment and wonder.

The 24 Hour Plays process begins at 10pm the night before the show, as a group of about fifty writers, directors, actors, designers and producers gather at a theater for the latest round of what has become a highly anticipated, and rewarding ritual. After everyone has been introduced and briefed the writers are left alone to each compose a ten-minute play.

At 7am, the directors return, read the plays and make their bids. The actors arrive, meet with their directors, and promptly begin rehearsals at 9am. Tech rehearsal runs from 5 to 7:30pm - doors open at 7:45, and at 8pm, 22 hours after the group came together at the theater, with ink barely dry, the new plays are performed for a live audience with Lights, Sound. Props and Costumes.


bullettg STAN    - Founded in Antwerp in 1989. Its members want to put in scene themselves, as actors, with their capacities and their failures (acknowledged) in the center of the step that they revendiquent : destruction of the theatrical illusion, naked play, contradiction and the description of the possible divergences in the rigorous play and engagement with respect to the character and of what it tells.
bullet127.0.0.1 - nyc performance art group with monthly open improv sessions, assembling content for web-based streaming productions to launch Fall 2001
bulletAkari Morpheus Kollaborationz Inc. - multi media experimental performance theatre , non-profit artists resource and community outreach project
bulletArka Theatre - Founded and managed by the actor/director Massimo Zanasi, Arka Theatre concentrates on research involving modes of expression and on producing works which have been touring the world for several years. It is a centre for cultural and artistic proposals emphasizing linguistic and aesthetic forms in the various arts.
bulletAxis Company - Greenwich Village, New York.
bulletBeyond the Proscenium Productions - A non-profit theatre company, presents works to "challenge the imagination and boundaries of both artists and audiences."
bulletBig Art Group - An NYC performance company, formed in 1998 by Caden Manson, aggressively attacking the boundaries of performance though its explorations with structure, medium and process.
bulletBlast Theory - A group of four artists based in London who make live events for theatres, clubs, galleries and the street. The group's work confronts a media saturated world in which popular culture rules, using video and computers to ask questions about the ideologies present in the information that envelops us.
bulletBlueForms Theatre Group - A Columbus, Ohio based fellowship of artists building a more conscious and compassionate world by creating joyful and profound theatre.
bulletBorder Crossings - An international theatre company specializing in combined arts performances fusing many forms of world theatre, dance and music. Works across borders, between cultures and art forms, between nations and peoples.
bulletBudhan Theatres - A street theatre group of the Chhara community of India which acts as the voice of the oppressed people through the medium of street theatre.
bulletThe Builders Association - Creates large-scale theater projects exploring the interface between live performance and media. Work re-animates theater for a contemporary audience, using current tools to interpret old forms. Productions combine historic and new texts with performance, sound, video, and architectural sets to create a world onstage which reflects contemporary culture
bullet20cent Fiction - A student run production company of all trades based at Umass Dartmouth.
bulletCollapsable Giraffe - Williamsburg performance group.
bulletThe Collection Agency - A performance ensemble that focuses on the creation of bold new works and adaptations.  Works in a broad range of styles, forms, and media, with original projects that range from the "standard" straight drama to the "cutting edge" of performance art.  Based in New York City.
bulletCollective Unconcious - An art collective, performance space, and theatrical venue administered by a confederation of 14 member-artists from various disciplines. C:U is committed to providing low-cost, high-value entertainment in the Lower East Side, and supporting the production of new material in the performing arts.
bulletCreation Production Company - New York-based company that generates innovative forms of theatre through experiments with language, new music theatre, and explorations of political issues, seamlessly integrating the visual arts, music, dance, technology, and architecture.
bulletCrudoyle Productions - Details of current and forthcoming activities.
bulletC&T - it stands for more than theatre - A United Kingdom-based theatre company working in educational and community settings, combining New Technology and participation.
bulletCurious Theater Branch - Curious Theater Branch. Original ideas. Original Theater. Changing the world, one imagination at a time.
bulletDADAnewyork - Founded in 1986 by the late John W. Wilson, an original Joffrey Ballet member and DADA scholar.
bulletdeep ellum ensemble - Composed primarily of former Texans, founded in New York City. Work is made from plays, original ideas and various media, and includes native Southern storytelling, a capella singing and chant. Show schedule and profile provided.
bulletDixon Place - A non-profit organization providing a venue for literary and performing artists to present new works in live performances.
bulletDjalma Butoh Company - Based out of New Mexico.
bulletDogtroep - dutch theatre group DOGTROEP, plays on location, experimental, national and international.
bulletDr Jerungdu and the Jerungdu Theater Company - Go to Jerungdu Theatre for satire, artrock, fringe & avantgarde.
bulletThe East Village Experimental Theatre Company - A Philadelphia based company that is dedicated to developing interdisciplinary, multi-media, collaborative works that integrate visual, performing, and media arts in live performances, film, video, audio, and site specific events.
bulletElevator Repair Service - Elevator Repair Service is a theater group based in New York City. See the schedule of upcoming shows, read what the press has to say, or get on the mailing list.
bulletEXITheatre - Working in non-theatrical spaces, breaking away from expected traditional forms of theatre.
bulletexperimental theatre chicago - Created to help promote alternative live performance and theatrical risk taking and seeking to establish Chicago as the national center for experimental theatre.
bulletThe Fat House - Leicester, UK; produce devised performance work which avoids the constriction of a director or 'outside eye'.
bulletFerocious Monsters Theatre and Film - Seattle theatre company Ferocious Monsters focuses on experimental theatre and film.
bulletFevered Sleep - Site for Fevered Sleep, performance company that makes theatre, installation and site-specific performance
bulletFirebrand Theory Theater Company - Dedicated to stirring up public feelings by investigation of controversial issues and dramatizing the infinite mystery of the extraordinary in the ordinary.
bulletFool's Gold Theatre Company - Specializes in bringing inspired works of literature to life by producing dynamic, film-like walkabout productions in non-traditional theatrical venues.
bulletForced Entertainment - An ensemble of artists based in Sheffield, England working together since 1984 producing work in theatre, installation, digital media and film.
bulletFrantic Theatre Co - In House Music Hall - Frantic tour all over the UK performing wild and wonderful Music Hall and Variety shows in venues big or small, from living rooms to community centres from theatres to dinner parties.
bulletFred Skeleton Theatre Company - A transatlantic performance group working out of Kelowna, British Columbia, and South Wales in the United Kingdom.
bulletFunkopolis - Founded in 1996, the company creates ensemble-based performance work utilizing gestural performance techniques in a commitment to creatively investigating the world around them.
bulletFunkopolis - Ensemble focused on the creation of original work, and dedicated to redefining the relationship between actor, director, designer, technician, and artist.
bulletGertrude Stein Repertrory Theatre - Their goal is to re-invent the process of creating theater, from training and education to collaboration and production. They have a particular interest in international and multicultural projects, because they feel that the arts of the 21st century must be global.
bulletGlobal Village Idiot Productions (GVIP) - Home page for Global Village Idiot Productions (GVIP) dedicated to the creation and staging of original experimental theatrical works.
bulletThe Greylight Theatre Collective - Founded in 1996 to promote, produce, and perform new and alternative works of theatre, produces new scripts, children's works, Commedia del Arte, and theatrical happenings.
bulletGreyZelda Theatre Group - A non-profit Chicago-based company founded in 2004.
bulletHamFisted! - A company based in Birmingham, UK, that creates new live theatre, performance art and cross disciplinary arts locally, and tours on a regional and national basis. History of the company, fanzine with biographies and pictures, and information about current projects.
bullet15 Head - a theatre lab - Non-profit, professional, experimental theatre lab in Minneapolis, MN.
bulletThe Healing Circle - Dedicated to perserving the culture of our African ancestor while providing healing for self and community through music, theater, and dance.
bulletHERE Arts Center - An award-winning and critically acclaimed performance and art center.
bulletHorse Trade Theater Group - Encompasses Kraine Theater, St. Marks Theater, and Red Room Theater in NYC: includes calendar, upcoming season, reservation and rental information.
bulletI 80 Drama Company - Group of actors, directors, designers, and administrators collectively exploring the American landscape through theater.
bulletIlotopie - A French street theatre company who create shows on water and other artistic events in public spaces.
bullet(in parentheses) - is aNew York based company producing adaptations of contemporary literary works and original plays in theater and film. The company for us is an umbrella from the main stream culture under which we research, experiment and offer an alternative; a parenthesis embedded deeply inside the main text but structurally and definitely independent from it.
bulletthe industrial theatre co - Official site of a Bombay-based theatre company that aims to discover and popularize alternative spaces for theatre. Founded by Pushan Kripalani, Rehaan Engineer, Karan Makhija, and Nadir Khan.
bulletIntersection for the Arts - One San Francisco's original venues for new works in Theatrical, Literary, and Performing Arts. This site showcases all of the upcoming and current happenings.
bulletIrondale Ensemble Project - An experimental/research theater ensemble. Information on productions, education, library, newsletters, funding, links and contacts.
bulletIzumi Ashizawa Performance - Izumi Ashizawa Performance seeks cultural integration through its original performance languages.
bulletKee Company - Founded in 1996 by Canadian theatre artist Colleen Lanki, this Tokyo based theatre company does original, multilingual productions blending different theatrical styles and traditions.
bulletkonic thtr - Konic Thtr can be defined as a label for the production and realisation of artistic projects using interactive technology. Interactions body-sound-light and image, where the public will finish or modify the process that the authors initially proposed.
bulletLa MaMa Theatre - Performance space in the East Village, NYC
bulletLaboratory Theater - Brooklyn-based experimental theater ensemble dedicated to collaborating on the creation of original, interdisciplinary work for the theater.
bullet3 Legged Dog - is a non-profit media and theater group producing new, original works in theater, performance, media and hybrid forms. 3-Legged Dog's mission is to explore the new narrative possibilities created by technology, to examine the braided realities of language and structure, to foster self-expression and skill in young artists through practical educational initiatives, and to provide an environment for artists to excel across a range of disciplines.
bulletLes Freres Corbusier - Creating aggressively visceral theater combining historical revisionism, Grand Guignol comedy, experimental dance, rigorous academic research, multimedia excess, and found texts.
bulletThe LIDA Project Experimental Theatre Company - Experimental theatre company based in Denver Colorado
bulletLISA D - Austrian fashion designer, based in Berlin. Has been presenting numerous happenings, performances and shows, in which she tells stories in the language of fashion.
bulletLucky Pierre - Chicago based performance group
bulletMabou Mines - Mabou Mines is an avant-garde theater company emphasizing the creation of new theater pieces from original texts and the theatrical use of existing texts staged from a specific point of view. Established in 1970 and based in New York City.
bulletManbites Dog Theater - Nearly two decades of cutting edge theater in Durham and voted Best Theater in the Triangle 2003.
bulletMichael Sakamoto - Butoh Dance Theater - Background information, repertoire, calendar, press and clips.
bulletNaked on Stage - A group of creative writers from St Andrews University.
bulletNao Dada Baba - Documentation of live projects 1993-2001 including Genetic Wake, 9 adaptations from the novel Finnegans Wake; Glasgow Weekend, a curated programme of Urban Context performance and art at London Foundry; and Foundry/Dom London/Moscow Cultural Exchange programme.
bulletThe neo-futurists - The Neo-Futurists are an ensemble of artists who write, direct, and perform their own work dedicated to social, political, and personal enlightenment in the form of audience-interactive conceptual theater
bulletNew World Performance Laboratory - A Center for Theatre Creation and Research. Experimental theatre productions and workshops conducted by James Slowiak and Jairo Cuesta, former assistants to Jerzy Grotowski.
bulletNew World Players - Non-profit, community-based experimental theatre lab dedicated to presenting works by under-represented groups.
bulletoblivion productions - Creating and producing forward-looking performance.
bulletOff_Leash Area: Contemporary Performance Works - An interdisciplinary company of mid-career artists creating new performance works in Minneapolis.
bulletOne Year Lease - Dedicated to working with classic texts. Performing in New York City and in Europe.
bulletOne Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre - An adult oriented performance theatre company based in the Arts Centre in Calgary Alberta Canada.
bulletOneLight Theatre - Since its inception in 1999, OneLight Theatre has been a company where every member contributes; actors, technicians, members of the production team, all have a voice.
bulletOntological+Richard.Foreman - Information concerning current and future performances at the Ontological at St. Marks Theater, which is the permanent home of Richard Foreman's Ontological-Hysteric Theater.
bulletThe Other Theatre - Montreal company devoted to experimental creation, including installations, adaptations, and collectively written material.
bulletP-Cult - An experimental theater and entertainment company of New York City artists, performers and designers specializing in pop-art and conceptual, pop-based extreme live imagery. Information about events, individual artists, picture gallery, and booking information.
bulletPeace Theatre - Official site of the Iranian theatre group.
bulletPeculiar Works Project - Offers "unusual, intelligent material for site-based performance."
bulletPerformance Space 122 - NYC - a not-for-profit arts center serving the New York City dance and performance community. P.S.122 is committed to supporting the development of work by individual artists who create live art with an authentic vision. It is fully dedicated to finding, developing, and bringing to the public eye artistic creations from a diversity of cultures, points of view, ages, and sexual orientations.
bulletPlanet SITI - SITI was founded in 1992 by Anne Bogart and Tadashi Suzuki to redefine and revitalize contemporary theater in the United States through an emphasis on international cultural exchange and collaboration.
bulletproto-type: theatre, media, insanity - NYC based multi-disciplinary performance company that combines video, theatre, music, and installation to create vivid live events relevant to people from all walks of life.
bulletRachel Rosenthal Company - Performer Rachel Rosenthal teaches her performance technique DbD (Doing by Doing) that integrates text, movement, voice, choreography, improvisation, inventive costuming, dramatic lighting and sets.
bulletRadio Hole - Performing schizophrenia for the information age.
bulletReverend Billy's Church of Stop Shopping - A comic political site that hopes to resist the destruction of neighborhoods by malls and chaines stores.
bulletRichard Maxwell and the New York City Players - The company strives to bring new forms of theater and performance to the public and to advance public awareness of live theater and further public understanding of theater practices including script-writing, actor processes and directing techniques.
bulletThe Riot Group (UK) - produced original performance pieces which mix absurd comedy, political satire, and a unique confrontational acting style.
bulletSCIATTO - As a group for stage action and a laboratory of architectural planning, Sciatto looks at social and urban borderlines as the last field for artistic performances.
bulletSmall Wooden Shoe Theatrical Society - A Canadian company creating and presenting rigorous contemporary performance.
bulletSoho Repertory Theater - producing some of the most groundbreaking theater in New York City, a "hot house" for daring, intrinsically theatrical excellence.
bulletSohoThinkTank - SOHO THINK TANK strengthens, nurtures and promotes an aesthetically and culturally diverse community of independent theatre artists and theatre companies, by producing, presenting, and programming new work at the Ohio Theater, in Soho
bulletStolen Chair Theatre Company - Committed to discovering new relationships between text, performers, and audiences, to exploring and exploding social mythology, and to creating a theatrical space where the familiar can give rise to the unknown.
bulletTarget Margin Theater - Founded on the principle that works of art return us to real truths most powerfully by their divergence from a strict illustration of reality. Through contemporary, as well as classic texts, we continuously seek to expand our conception of what can take place in theater.
bulletTeatrincorso - Trento-Italy based theatre company dedicated to multi media experimental performance theatre. The group makes live events for theatres, clubs, galleries and the street. It is working in educational and community settings. Elena Marino, Teatrincorso's director, is also writer of theatrical texts. Teatrincorso organizes the International Festival "Officine dei Teatri".
bulletTemporary Distortion - presenting unique nonlinear combinations of text, image, and sound...creating strange new theatrical experiences.
bullettheater et al - creating visual, culturally diverse performances since 1997, theater et al combines world-premiere adaptations of neglected works (often in new translation) with an aggressive mix of movement, image, sound and music--seeking to reimagine the art of theatrical storytelling, on an epic scale, for a contemporary audience.
bullettheatre in decay - One of Australia's foremost underground experimental theatre companies, concentrating on themes of politics and horror.
bulletTomee Theatre Company - Established in 1982. Experimental theatre, theatre education, drama research. History, education, productions.
bulletTornado Theatre - Broadcasting unique live shows over the Internet using a revolutionary 360-degree streaming video system. Visit the site to watch shows, contribute ideas, read about the artists or chat with fellow Tornado enthusiasts. It's online entertainment with a twist!
bulletUndermain Theatre - An ensemble of artists committed to providing our community with innovative, thought-provoking, professional theater.
bulletUNI Theatre - Artist run company focused on developing, exploring and producing thought-provoking expressive theatre works. Ontario, Canada.
bulletUninvited Guests - A United Kingdom/German live art company based in Bristol, England. Dedicated to making innovative collaborative work which challenges the boundaries between art-forms and opens live and digital work to new audiences.
bulletVia Theatre - Brian Jucha shares his projects and archive
bulletVirtual Reality Theatre Forum - Research club attempts to use an ideal model of 'Anytime, Anywhere, and Anyone can do Theatre'.
bulletWandering Romen Players - A site-specific theater company performing classic works with experimental twists in Pennsylvania. The site offers history, artistic goals, and future employment possibilities.
bulletWaxFactory - An international group of artist dedicated to exploring a multiplicity of theatrical visions.
bulletThe Wooster Group - Theatre collective in NYC
bulletWoven - Experimental theatre company performs a different show each night compiled from over 60 pieces combining original movement, music and dialogue.
bulletXunesis - Chicago based performing arts and production company that builds multidisciplinary collaborative teams centered around a specific concept to create pieces for stage, exhibits, installations for museums, educational institutions, media or film productions.




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